Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Low Sexual Desire Part 2: Developing an Awareness

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My primary objective is to talk about having an awareness for your sexual concerns. If we bring awareness to them, we bring light, and with light, we can begin to take steps to heal and create the life we want.

I generally do not use clinical terms when coaching clients because it’s easy to develop anxieties based on the language alone. On a conscious or subconscious level, most of us are already feeling like damaged goods in the sex department.

General Causes of Low Sexual Desire:
Please note that this is just a general guideline.
• Drugs/Medication
• Alcohol
• Poor Nutrition
• Hormonal Changes
• Illness
• Fatigue
• Stress
• Depression
• Poor Health
• Low Self-Esteem/Self-Image
• Poor Body Image
• Lack of Skills
• Lack of Education
• Sexual Guilt/Shame
• Sexual Abuse
• Conflict or Arguing
• Loss of Trust With Partner
• Change in Sexual Identity

Living with low sexual desire may not be a problem for an individual or a couple, especially if both partners are low desire. If it is a concern identified by you or your partner, there is help and there is something you can do.

I believe that if sexual desire is low, it may be an indication that there is an imbalance in the body….in our life. Whether or not people seek help, or balance usually depends on their values and priorities in life.

More on addressing the issue next....

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