Friday, July 30, 2010

Female Fantasy and Sexual Positions Survey

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It's sexuality survey time!

Thank you to those who have participated in the past. Your contribution has helped people to better understand each other, experience adventure, fun, communication, and connection with their lovers.

My books are unique in that they include creative scenarios, easy to follow techniques, sex facts, great pictures and illustrations, and notes from a Sex Coach.

But not everyone who reads my books knows that there is actually a lot of research involved. Generous people such as yourself have contributed to survey that turned out to be a best selling book. Both oral sex books are doing very well, but Oral Sex He'll Never Forget made it on Amazon's top 500. This is a real honor to any author.

I have another opportunity for participation in this female fantasy and sexual positions survey. The information will be a part of a sexuality book to be published in March 2011.

Your responses are completely anonymous and no one, not even myself, knows who responded to the survey. However, if you would like to be recognized in the acknowledgments, please send me an email to

Again, my sincere thanks.

Much love and all the best to a healthy and happy sexuality,

Dr. Sonia Borg, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.A.
Certified as a Clinical Sexologist by the
American College of Sexologists

Click here to take survey

p.s. This survey is for women. If you are not a man, please send this to one you know. If you are a man and would like to participate in the man's survey, please email me.


  1. Hi Sonia,

    I will share it with my friends and fans on Facebook. I hope we get lots of people responding and sharing. This is a topic near and dear to my heart of course.

    Thanks for sharing, Chrystal

  2. Best of luck with this. I've shared with Between the Sheets followers. Some of the questions are very general and require an in-depth answer, I feel some prospective participants may be put off by this.