Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Naked Conversations

Come take off your clothes and lie here with me naked. Hold me tight. Press your bare chest against mine. Lay on top of me and let me feel you.

Naked without clothes, we are more alike than different, both of us with needs and feelings.

Naked without shields; I thought my shield would protect me from being hurt, but all it really kept me from was living my life fully and entirely. It kept me from sharing my open heart, the real me. It kept me from you.

Naked without time, we are in the moment. Let’s let go of control and our need to be right. Let’s flow and create a new experience that connects us.

Naked without the voice of reason, we are vulnerable with open hearts. Do you hear our hearts beating? They synched up and now the loudest sound in the room. Let this be our song, our guide. What does your heart say?

Most often people loose desire with their partner because of unresolved issues, not because they lost functionality. On the surface, it may appear that emotions or how we feel about the other person and ourselves has nothing to do with sex, but it has EVERYTHING to do with how we feel about the sex we are having.

As humans we follow patterns: cognitive, emotional, and physical. These patterns serve us in many ways and help us predict and make sense of the world around us. However, it doesn’t serve us when it limits our growth and we use the same pattern of conflict resolution over and over that never ever really worked in the first place.

Naked conversations is something I started with a lover and now offer to clients. Simply being Naked somehow helps people get down to what is important at a core level, be vulnerable, be honest and be real. And it is playfully fun. It has transformed the way I have important discussions. Please note that the above are not steps. There are no steps. It is just one woman’s account of the process.

If you’ve read any of my books, you will know that I share some courageous and outrageous ideas for fun and sexy adventures. I wholeheartedly believe that on the adventure, you will discover some things about yourself and your lover that you never, ever expected and experience a freedom that will expand your repertoire and the container of what is possible between you.

The same is true with resolving conflict. You can choose a different way.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spectacular Sex Moves He'll Never Foget

With each new book I write, I think it was better than the one before it. I haven't gotten feedback from my readers yet, but I think my third book, "Spectacular Sex Moves He'll Never Forget" is my best work to date. It certainly was a lot of fun to write and practice. (A special thanks to the partnered volunteers).

Most importantly, I hope it brings lots of fun, connection, and big "o's" to you and your partner.

Enough about how much fun it was to write, you be the judge. Take a peek at the table of contents and let me know what you think.....

If you like it, you can be amongst the first to read it. Now taking Pre Orders! (see link on right)


The Slinging Dixie
Get his rod hot with you in the back seat, legs up in the air and wrapped in the on the go car sling (seatbelt).

Dinner for Two
With one swift swoop of the hand and without a second thought, push all those dishes off the table letting them land where they may. Replace the old conditioning whispers of “oh no, my floor” with “Hell yes! Give it to me now.”

Spring Fever
On the slide in your own backyard, lay on your back with legs spread open. He straddles your body on the slide. As he thrusts, you will slide down, allowing for deeper penetration. He can control depth by holding your position with his hands on your hips.


Head Over Wheels
You lay on your stomach on a skateboard. After inserting his penis, he pulls you in from behind. Gliding intercourse—with no rug burn.

Mirror Images
Do it standing in front of a dresser mirror. Lean forward, putting your weight on your hands.

Flower Power
Give him the gift of penetration and the feeling of fullness. Being penetrated with a strap on requires special considerations and skills that you may not know about. Learn how.


The Stimulus Plan
A little friction in your relationship? Grease up and wrestle your negative energies out naked. Lay him flat on his back and pin him down so he can’t get up as you grind your clitoris against his pelvic bone before you ride him.

Shoots and Ladders
He stands on the ground while you hold on to the ladder bending and controlling the depth of penetration hitting all the low and high notes.


The Hard Rock
Rocking chairs are not just for grandmother who knit. Sit on his lap and rock as he thrusts.

Play by Play
This is the ultimate crash course on how to please one another. Send your man to the moon and back. Let him watch as you ride your own cosmic wave. Reach orgasm describing the sexual play by play.


Dressed to Thrill
Haven’t you always wanted to rip off his shirt like a movie vixen? Give him an old shirt with loose buttons that will fly like confetti. Whip his ass with his own shirt (that’s double naughty) and order him to rip off your clothes. Use the shirt as a sling around his hips to pull him into you.

Up Against the Wall
Load your water pistols and play cop. Whoever is in charge orders the other against the wall, hands up. He may tell you to face the wall and spread your legs wide, angling your ass out to him. Or you may tell him to use the wall as a brace when you mount him, one leg wrapped around his waist.

Quiet Riot
Show your gratitude for that rock concert. Unzip his pants, take his drink, raise your skirt and give him your leg to hold, while he gives you his quiet riot in the concert standing room only.


Cloud 9
On a lazy summer day, lead him to the hammock where he can lie on his back and contemplate the sky. After a brief respite of cloud watching, join him naked in the hammock and envelope yourselves in this lovely side by side position as you are suspended from the trees.

The Ugly Chair
You have asked him, begged him, pleaded with him to get rid of that ugly reclining chair. Stop hating the furniture. Turn that recliner into a beautiful sex throne for a sideways position.


For The Love of Honey
This is a special move for those times when you want to take him deep in your throat. Lay on the carpeted stairs, sunny side up, head first. When he puts his penis in your mouth in this position, he bypasses the gag reflex.

The Heartbeat BJ
Take his hand in yours and hold your lips to his wrist until you feel his heartbeat in your lips. Kiss him slowly all down his body. As you perform the BJ, keep one hand on his heart.

The Door Jam BJ
Get your man’s guns in shape by giving him a blow job as he’s using one a pull-up bar between the door jams. He does a pull up and wraps his legs around you neck, giving you easy access.

Clean Your Plate
As you’re cleaning up the kitchen together, lick your lips suggestively. While he loads the dishwasher, unzip his pants and begin licking in broad plate-cleaning strokes up and down his cock.

The Glory Hole
Give the glory hole experience for your man in your own makeshift dimly lit strip club. Separated by a sheet with a hole, he watches the silhouette of different dancers (you in different personas) through the makeshift glory hole. When the sees the dancer he likes, he puts his penis through and hopes that she gives him his glory “o.”

Are you single-handedly making love to your partner? I mean, do you only use your dominant hand during sex? Have fun with this challenging position while you sharpen your skills at the same time.

Romancing the Bone
The movie hand job only works in a near empty theatre (or your home theatre). Choreograph the pace of your stroke to the film. What does a car chase scene feel like? A romantic comedic scene? A horror scene?

The Under the Table Hand Job
You can do this one at an isolated small table or banquette in a very dark restaurant—or at home. Drop your napkin. Unzip his pants on the way back up. While you’re studying your menu, pull out his cock. Play a little, put your hand back on the table, back under—and so forth. The pauses will drive him crazy.

Power Lunch
“Oops you dropped your napkin,” you declare. When he goes to pick it up, he finds you spreading your legs open for him to see—and you’re not wearing panties. As lunch progresses, occasionally reach under the table to stimulate yourself. He won’t be able to take his eyes off your face.

Dancing on The Barstool
He sits facing bar; you sit sideways facing him. He begins “dancing” in his chair in time to the music. You put your hand over his cock (kept inside his pants) and squeeze in time to his dancing. Finish in the rest room or the car.

The Cell Phone Hand Job
Surprise him with a sex toy, the fleshlight, a masturbation sleeve for men. Send him and his fleshlight into another room. Call him on your cell and tell him exactly how to stroke himself.

The Bouncing Ball Hand Job
Ask him to straddle the exercise ball, belly down, leaning forward. He uses his hands to balance the ball while you reach between his body and the ball and give him a hand job

On The Same Channel
Sit down next to him on the sofa when he’s watching TV. Throw one leg over his. Hike your skirt (again, no panties) and play with yourself. He won’t last through the game.


Let him watch you shake and shiver in the blissful state of G-Spot stimulation. These different positions all have the same thing in common; they all stimulate the G-Spot.

The Grand Finale
This is the Grand Finale, or tour de sex, that you have both been dreaming about. Twenty four hours of sex, sleeping, sex, eating and sex only. No phones, no television, no computers. Come back to join the world fresh and rejuvenated. Now that’s a vacation!